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Norway Campervan Hire Holidays Tips and Advice

Norway Campervan Hire

Travelling to Norway or Sweden with your whole family or group is truly a trip of a lifetime. However, there are always the impending expenses of travel and accommodations especially when you are a group. The best way to enjoy the most of your trip is to get a Norway campervan hire to steer clear of the high costs of accommodations. The rates of three to five star hotels are no joke in the Scandinavian region, so better plan ahead and look for a motor home to suit your family or group's needs.

It is no surprise that many travel campers love visiting Norway. The best campervan sites and parks are located in stunning destinations rich in natural beauty. There are fjords great for hiking, walking, and even sports adventures.

Other campsites are quite close to the city, so it's just a few minutes away if you wish to enjoy both the city scenes and the serenity of the campsite. Most campsites and parks provide family friendly facilities, sports and activities areas, as well as children's playground.

Norway Campervan Parks and Campsites

Summer months are quite short in this region, so it's best to take a campervan hire in Norway if you wish to enjoy the stunning views, the beaches of the Norwegian Riviera, the famous fjords, and other beautiful sceneries.

Campsites are situated nearby and within these destinations and they provide extra enjoyment for campers from everywhere in the world. You can go to the Roligheden Camping site outside Kristiansand and just along the beach with family friendly facilities.

If you want to stay at a 4-star campsite with stunning views of Geirangerfjord, go to Grande Hytteuleige. Kjornes Camping is another option and it is nearby Sognefjord which is a great area for exploring fjords and glaciers.

For fans of the Northern Lights, it is best to go farther north of the country to be able to see this breathtaking spectacle. You can either go to Kirkeporten Camping or Nordkapp Camping which are both located near Skarsvag.

Discovering the natural beauty of Norway's sceneries via motor home camping is an exciting proposition for your next family vacation. Consider these suggestions and make sure to take your family or friends to the best sites in the country.

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