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Holiday Ideas for Campers in Sweden

Sweden Campervan Hire

Sweden is known for its vast lakes, waterways, glaciers, mountains, dense forests, and wide open spaces. These natural resources are among the best destinations you can find in Europe especially if you are an adventurous traveller. Visiting majority of these places can only be enjoyed to the fullest if you have a campervan hire in Sweden.

The best part of motor home camping is seeing these stunning destinations with your family or group of friends. The Swedish roadways are ideal for such travel adventure and they will lead you to places known and unknown to most tourists. It has been said that Sweden is among the safest countries in Europe, so camping in a motor home is ideal and the campsites available in the country are among the best.

Start Your Trip upon Arrival in Stockholm

Starting your journey from Stockholm is one option. Your campervan hire will be ready when you arrive at the city capital's airport. Choosing the right-sized motor home should be your first agenda even before you leave for this trip, so you and your family (or group) will be comfortable from the day you board the camping vehicle. You should choose models that can accommodate up to six people, so you will have a comfortable ride and stay-in while camping.

Campsites and Motor Home Parks

Campsites in Sweden are situated mostly within or nearby national parks, lakes, and beaches. Facilities are often catered to families with children, so everyone has options to choose what to do and enjoy while camping.

If you want a lakeside campsite, go to Orrefors which is home to Sweden's glass making industry. While there, you can visit glass artists' workshops as part of your itinerary. Orrefors Camping is a top-rated campsite and provides power and internet access, shops, and scenic lakeside.

Kalmar Camping is ideal for beach-loving campers. It is situated on the coast near Kalmarsund and has a stunning beach view and family friendly facilities.

For nature lovers, you can go to Bolmso Camping to enjoy the picturesque Lake Bolmen and the surrounding greenery. This is the ideal camping ground if you want a tranquil and relaxing end to a road trip that's away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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